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Pursuing Passion: Samuel Morris’s Journey from NHTI to the Culinary Institute of America

Samuel Morris always knew he wanted to be a chef. Born in China and raised in Missouri before settling in New Hampshire, Morris’ multicultural upbringing significantly influenced his culinary perspectives. Fond memories of cooking lemon shrimp pasta with his grandmother and bonding with his father over food and country music laid the foundation for his belief that food brings people together in delightful harmony.

With his unwavering passion for the culinary arts, Morris understood the importance of a comprehensive education, even if it meant exploring general education requirements before moving to Hyde Park, New York and attending the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). In Fall 2022, Morris enrolled at NHTI – Concord’s Community College as his stepping stone toward his ultimate goal. This strategic move equipped him with a broader skill set and made his aspirations more financially attainable.

As part of his journey, he spent a year working as a line cook at the Holiday Inn, a job that provided invaluable hands-on experience, preparing him for the pressure of a professional kitchen. His desire to manage the back of house (the kitchen) for a prominent urban restaurant via the CIA was an intentional decision driven by its reputation as a leader in the field. His preference for culinary arts over baking and pastry, combined with his aspiration to explore hospitality management, reflected his versatility and willingness to adapt to the ever-evolving demands of the industry.

His culinary journey highlights the pivotal role NHTI played in shaping his path. Guided by Shana Rowe, an NHTI admissions counselor and teacher, Morris learned the significance of evaluating every opportunity that came his way. NHTI facilitated Samuel’s decision-making process and empowered him to consider the bigger picture.

Morris’ dream of becoming an executive chef at a Michelin-star restaurant remains a focal point as he embarks on a new chapter in life. His insightful perspective on the culinary industry, drawn from real-world experiences, is a testament to his dedication and authenticity.

His journey reminds all students and learners that the pursuit of passion and a balanced, informed approach lays the groundwork for a fulfilling and successful future.

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