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The Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges is the charitable organization dedicated solely to NH’s seven community colleges.

An investment in New Hampshire’s community colleges is critical to the future of our state.

At a time when New Hampshire is facing demographic challenges and a shifting economy, the work of our community colleges has never been more important or potentially impactful on the future of our state. Supporting The Foundation will make direct, positive impacts on our students, colleges and communities.

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Rochester, Portsmouth
"I don't have the words to say how appreciative I am for your support...Growing up, college was a distant dream. With your scholarship I'm able to expand my knowledge and pursue a degree I'm passionate about."
Chloe Puccia
"Being a nursing student has been an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience, and having some of the financial strain of tuition lifted with your help goes a long way in allowing me to focus on my studies...As a future Army nurse, I intend to take patient care and education everywhere I go."
Austin Mahoney, S.N.
“You’ve bet on the underdog. Going back to school at my age might be a challenge, but I consider this my last chance to really make something better of myself. I am truly grateful for your support as I come into the first chapter of my new life. Thank you again for your vote of confidence.”
Dakota Gott
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