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The Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges is the charitable organization dedicated solely to NH’s seven community colleges.

An investment in New Hampshire’s community colleges is critical to the future of our state.

At a time when New Hampshire is facing demographic challenges and a shifting economy, the work of our community colleges has never been more important or potentially impactful on the future of our state. Supporting The Foundation will make direct, positive impacts on our students, colleges and communities.

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Rochester, Portsmouth
"During my time at NHTI not only have I gained a greater understanding of my chosen field but have gained many invaluable life skills along the way. Thanks to generous organizations like The Foundation, I have this amazing opportunity to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer."
Lilah Flynn
Frances H. Benton Engineering Scholarship recipient
"When my family and I decided to embark on this new adventure, we knew it would be a tough two years. We expected to live on a very tight budget and juggle ever changing work schedules and the schedules of our kids along with the rigorous schedules at the college. The impact [this scholarship] has on families like mine are limitless."
Benjamin Hoyt
Carl D. Perkins Scholarship recipient
“I lost my mother when I was 15 to cancer. She was only 37. I never left her side when she was sick, which meant I spent much of my time in the hospital, cancer center and hospice facility. That is when I fell in love with nursing. I have since attained my LNA and EMT licenses. I will graduate from the GBCC nursing program in 2022.”
Katie Cilley
Exeter Area Scholarship Fund recipient
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