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An investment in New Hampshire’s community colleges is critical to the future of our state.

At a time when New Hampshire is facing demographic challenges and a shifting economy, the work of our community colleges has never been more important or potentially impactful on the future of our state. Supporting The Foundation will make direct, positive impacts on our students, colleges and communities.

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Rochester, Portsmouth
"I am a first-generation student and seeing my family struggle from check to check, I made the decision to go back to school and work tirelessly to provide a financially secure future that they deserve. This scholarship gave me the opportunity to spend more time working on my assignments and reading rather than at work.”
Denisse Sambrano
Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarship recipient
“As an adult learner, husband, and father, I understand the struggles of paying for college on top of all my other expenses and responsibilities, so I am that much more grateful for the support you have provided me with this scholarship."
Sam Edson
David A. Copestakes Memorial Scholarship recipient
“You have helped ease financial tensions which allows me to focus on my studies. I will persevere knowing I have that type of support at my back. Someday soon I hope I will be able to give back to my community."
Melanie Harper
Agnes M. Lindsay Trust Scholarship recipient
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