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The Foundation for New Hampshire Community Colleges is the charitable organization dedicated solely to NH’s seven community colleges.

An investment in New Hampshire’s community colleges is critical to the future of our state.

At a time when New Hampshire is facing demographic challenges and a shifting economy, the work of our community colleges has never been more important or potentially impactful on the future of our state. Supporting The Foundation will make direct, positive impacts on our students, colleges and communities.

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"Being in college at 34 years old was never part of my plan, but when I realized how much I loved watching children grow, I wanted to help shape them into who they would later be in life. I also realized I needed to ensure I was doing the same for myself. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to follow my dreams."
Amanda M.
"I am returning to school to pursue a career change. The radiologic technology program has been both challenging and rewarding so far. It’s nice to feel I have found my place. The generous support offered will help me remain focused on my studies while balancing the increased course load."
Jon G.
"Your generosity granted me the gift of time, enabling me to immerse myself in my academic pursuits and engage more actively in extracurricular activities that are shaping me into a well-rounded individual. Knowing that there are individuals and groups like you who value and support my educational journey motivates me to push my boundaries, strive for excellence, and continuously seek ways to give back to my community."
Aeryn L.
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