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Sawyer Sanschagrin

A Certificate in Industrial Mechanics at WMCC was Sawyer’s next step in his career path

Sawyer Sanschagrin

WMCC, Certificate in Industrial Mechanics, 2020


Born and raised in the North Country of New Hampshire in the small City of Berlin, Sawyer Sanschagrin wanted a career that would allow him to see the larger world around him and experience and learn new things. After hearing how hands-on the industrial mechanics program at White Mountains Community College (WMCC) was, he knew it was the next step he wanted to take in his career path.

“The industrial mechanics certificate program at WMCC piqued my interest because of the college’s hands-on approach to giving students experience in their future careers.”

Sawyer contacted the industrial mechanics program coordinator, Kyle Aubut, to get started.

“Kyle and every professor at WMCC impacted me positively. Because they each had the real-world experience to guide my learning and answer my questions, the program was well-rounded, and I could learn so more than just what I would read in a book.”

The industrial mechanic program at WMCC prepares future Millwrights, who are responsible for installing and maintaining large gas and steam turbines in power plants, conveyor systems and generators. Students receive instruction in TIG, Flux Cored, and Stick welding, as well as in hydraulics and Pneumatics, rigging and hoisting, and mechanical systems.

The certificate program consists of 36 credit hours and includes a three-day per week course schedule, making it possible for an individual to finish the courses to meet workforce demand quickly in a field that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects to grow 13% year over year.

“The programs at WMCC are fantastic. The college is cognizant of adult learners with busy schedules, and the topics are hands-on, which prepared me for being in the field as soon as I finished the program.”

Sawyer graduated in 2020, and his work as an industrial mechanic with the 1121 Eastern Millwright Union gives him something new to do every day.

“I constantly get to do different things. I can be welding one day and turning wrenches on a turbine the next.

Sawyer’s career has allowed him to travel all around the east coast and do work that makes a difference.

“I wanted a career that would give me a chance to travel and make a difference. Since I work a lot in the power generation field, I get that sense of fulfillment. Because without industrial mechanics, we all would be without power.”


For those interested in starting a career as an industrial mechanic, Sawyer suggests starting with the certificate program at WMCC, as he did.

“The industrial certificate program is a great way to start a career in a hands-on occupation. The pay is great, and I’ve had countless opportunities to see awesome things other people never get to see.”

To learn more about White Mountains Community College, visit the college’s website:

To learn more about White Mountains Community College, visit the college’s website: